💻 Examples

Websites that use Ema

Community Websitehttps://functionalprogramming.in/source
Personal Bloghttps://blog.maralorn.de/source
Personal noteshttps://lucasvreis.github.io/(Built off org-mode using organon)
Emanote websitesEmanote examples

(If you would like to showcase your Ema website, please post here).

Apps that use Ema

These are apps that use Ema to generate or serve websites pertaining to their specific domain:

DomainAppExample / Demo
Note-takingEmanoteEmanote examples
Time tracking (hledger)timedot-invoice
Org-mode websiteorganonhttps://lucasvreis.github.io/
Subreddit dashboardTheMotteDashboardhttps://themotte.srid.ca/